Written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
To  Warn  Encourage  Uplift  &  Affirm
the will and purpose for His people 


The Jesus inside…


The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

With consideration for those who are new… or… still searching… or just find it too difficult to ingest large amounts of information and do not wish to read the entire message.
This is a bite or sip if you will… of the whole message… ( in italics )


Jesus is inside us alive now! By the Holy Spirit, if you have received Him… it is not a mental understanding but a step of faith… We are all robbed from the fullness of the love and the power of God everyday. By not realizing, we are not trying to pray to a God or Jesus out-there "can you hear me?" "Are you listening?" but to Him alive in us. We receive in faith… We are to pray in faith… We are to live in faith. Our lack is in trying to love in our own strength… we run out… God does not. To be "Led" of the Spirit is to build faith. The Spirit will enable us to endure to the end and be resurrected with Jesus. This is accomplished in faith…, which works, by love. The Spirit was not given to one person but to those who were gathered in unity. And the Spirit represents the Jesus who is the same in us all. Together in unity of one heart, one mind, one voice, one love… one Spirit!


The concept of the Holy Spirit is the most misunderstood of all the teachings in Christendom… save our reluctance to love… because of it. And our lack of love is proved by our hesitancy to move in the power of Jesus… within us. Most talk from a position of the Spirit as an external, some believe the Spirit will visit us or fall on us at special occasions like on Sunday when we sing or pray and some even believe the Spirit is a non entity and just a reference point
The worst case scenario is that there are some that believe in Jesus and deny the Holy Spirit exists, or is even necessary.
To trinity or not to trinity is not the issue… and certainly not at issue here.
The factor of the Holy Spirit is essential both for faith in Jesus and our entrance into the resurrection. This must be reconsidered, in view of the teaching of Jesus on the Holy Spirit
and reviewing the announcement of Christ’s introduction, by John the Baptist…
"He ( JESUS ) will immerse you in the Holy Spirit and in fire!"

The Holy… perfect… sacred… pure… from… of God… His breath…
"And Jesus breathed upon them and said receive"… the Holy Spirit…

Fear and not faith, have for the most part kept the body from receiving the fullness of the Spirit given to us. Jesus required absolute faith of those He called to follow…
Faith without question was the entrance point into relationship for the twelve. They came when called without question… they trusted Jesus. Today there is no requirement of exercising faith nor trust in Jesus. Without exercising faith of our own, we ask others to merely say a prayer… believe and receive. And the exercise of faith has become the ever selfish "Name it and claim it!" as in Prosperity! We name and claim Jesus, and all we can get in the same manner from Him. Today the Church proclaims, as in the time of Jesus, with the selfish witness of the Saducees… "Because we have mammon… we have God". "You cannot serve two masters…" to many of us, love money more then Jesus…

The problem:

Do we need to know the will of God as outlined in Scripture or do we need to have relationship with God by faith and be led of the Spirit… which will line up and exemplify Scripture. To exemplify Scripture is to exemplify Jesus. To exemplify Jesus is to exemplify Scripture.
There is no relationship with Jesus unless we are led of the Spirit… by faith. The early Church was not any different then we are today. The Jews had the old covenant to conform to, and a life in the way of the law and the Gentiles had teachers to instruct them in the new life style. But neither had the new covenant in written form, it was yet to be written. It worked because their lives were lived in faith. They followed those who went before them, in their example of faith… as they had learned following Jesus. Faith in what God said/is saying whether heard or read is proved in a lifestyle that produces fruit.

God has given us the Scripture in the power of the Holy Spirit by men. Because very much like Moses was shown, the people would weary and abandon the truth and seek those with half-truths that would tickle their ears. God knowing the hearts of men… in that they would find every excuse not to live as Jesus… whom is sent to lead, and for us to follow. Jesus called those who have ears "follow me!"… Are you? In what way… can it be seen or proved? Do you live like Him? The Scripture that the Spirit gives us is now interpreted for the most part to defy the Spirit and the will of God, to be like Jesus. Proved in a lack of loving life example…

Where is the life changing love of Jesus in the Church?! In words only… if that…

From the moment Jesus came up from the waters of the baptism of John; when the Holy Spirit descended and the voice of God declared Him Son; began the new contract. This event marks the beginning of the new Covenant. This begins the public ministry of Jesus.

He is the Son of God… Being led by the Spirit.

To obey God is not just a matter of adherence to Scripture as proved by Jesus being led and humbly submitting but more importantly to know God’s will day by day, moment to moment.

Jesus submits… this is an outward sign of selfless love.

Jesus does not go into the desert with scripture in hand… or because it’s a good idea… The Spirit leads him… He prays… as He is led… to hear and know the will of God and to resist the Devil.

Led to speak what the Spirit speaks… through Him. The desert is not a place to escape the world but to confront the world and all it’s temptations… armed with the words of God that fill the mouth of Jesus… this is His bread of life. He fasts to receive this bread. The whole power of God to overcome the devil is made manifest in Jesus in His humble submission… to be led by the Spirit. Note the confrontation with the devil is not only not avoided but, is met head on in His first act of submission to the Spirit. Jesus has power to resist and overcome the most powerful evil on the earth… The result of the Spirit in Him. He then gives us the Spirit to fill us to continue the work that was begun. Now we too can resist the power of evil and overcome it… in Christ. If we are led by the Spirit…

The starting point, of our life in Christ is marked, by the receiving of the Holy Spirit… who, we can’t see… but we accept by faith.

The cause of the Spirit is the mandate of God who is love… the work of the Spirit… is in faith… to enable us to know His voice and to follow… to be… to live as Jesus… together… and to lovingly bear fruit… completing the mission… in His name…

The battle ground in every Christians life is Spirit or flesh… life or death. Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and just that, a building, a container, a temporary dwelling place of love. The power in our lives is the Spirit inside, but all the power in the universe is worthless if not in use. Most of us are robbed everyday from our rising in prayer to our casual or intimate interactions with others and to our every thought. We neglect our life in the Spirit, which is the constant realization that the Spirit of God is in us!

We are created for a purpose… God’s purpose… to be led like Jesus by the Spirit.

Religiosity gives us times, places and conditions to get past our carnality to sense/feel/ acknowledge/believe that we are in the presence of God… or we’ve touched on God… or that the Spirit fell down on us. Some pray and sing for the event to happen… there are even, song lyrics… and prayer Rituals to implore God to send His Spirit.

Jesus said "He will never leave us or forsake us" this is the whole truth. The half-truth is our selfish flesh and its demands to alter scripture.

Ignoring the Jesus in us and excepting the idea of an external Spirit. So we can please ourselves… our every whim of lust is considered and our need of God becomes prayer requests to fill our lust. We enjoy the carnality of going to Church and then leaving to do as we please. Pleasing ourselves has become our point of departure from following Jesus, to religiosity.

The Holy Spirit is in us!!!

Let us stop here; and reaffirm; from the moment, the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus out of the water of Baptism, begins the new Covenant… God sends His Spirit to work exclusively in and through men from this point on and Jesus is our example. The Same Spirit is given by Jesus to us, His Church to enable us to perform and complete the work He began. Living as Jesus in faith… an example of His love. The scripture is given us by the Spirit through men to support and reassure us how to live like Jesus, when there is a lack of living example. As there is in the world today. The Spirit no longer hovers or comes down. The Holy Spirit of the living God is in us and will never leave us and gives us opportunity to be led as Jesus. Jesus is in us by the Holy Spirit! Spirit on the inside… Jesus on the inside… one in the same! The life breath of the perfect love of God… is Jesus in us…

We are not apart from God… our seeking Him is to get past our encumbering flesh.
The battle for proof that the Spirit is in us has been exhausted in the use of gifts from speaking in tongues to signs and wonders… but all arguments end with the way in which we live… in faith. Many want proof that the Spirit is in us… and try to declare Baptism, speaking in tongues, Baptism in the Spirit, as an embarkation point into life in the Spirit. When life in the Spirit is not so much when it begins, as it is in how you live day to day proving a relationship with Jesus by your selfless love… then by enduring till the end. Acts of faith or works of Spiritual gifts without love gain us death! It is not in what works or how, but in why… by the love of Jesus. This condition that speaks the loudest is not spoken… it’s a way of life. Faith is a gift. And faith works by perfect selfless sacrificial love.

And God is faithful to those who are faithful. Jesus is that act of faith… He is love…

The condition of faith, which is a gift from God results in relationship to Jesus. It is Jesus who first teaches us of the condition of the internalization of the Spirit and the separation from our flesh. But now, even now, it is the Spirit that teaches us about Jesus.

Matthew 10:16. Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
17. But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues;
18. And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.
19. But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.
For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.
21. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.
22. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but
he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

As you read the above words of Jesus… can you hear Him speaking to you now! If you can… it is the Spirit that opens your eyes to the truth… it is your flesh that resists… or says, "I don’t get it!" "It is to difficult to understand!" your mind is the playing field to humbly submit to God in faith… or resist for any selfish reason. It is not in, you read and understand… it is… will you by faith, hear, believe and obey!

The reason Jesus spoke in parables was not for us to understand the message but it was to reach the heart of those who had ears and by faith would seek to follow. And in spite of our understanding, would build up our faith to be led… further and further… till we reach the Kingdom… inside. The twelve had Jesus as man and Spirit… today we have Him as Spirit by the Spirit and their living example to following… that we may follow. By the power of the Spirit we the Church together built up in Him, is that man… alive to the world.

Jesus sends us we don’t just go. We are led… by the Spirit of God in us… but we must submit, to be led. And if you are led by me Jesus said… know… that they; because of being led by me, will take you to courts of law and trials before governments to speak to leaders, against their unbelief. Be wise and gentle and don’t worry about what you will say… the Spirit will lead you and say it through you.

There is a cost to follow…

It is God by His Spirit that speaks through us. But it is a life that is completed in the Spirit that brings us into the resurrection. Note; we will be hated… are you hated yet? Hated by all men? For them seeing Jesus in us! But if we endure we will be saved… if we live like Jesus to the end we will be resurrected with Him. If we suffer with Him we will be glorified with Him…

Jesus for all who have received Him in faith… is in us by the Holy Spirit… who reveals Him to us.

The Spirit is "The still, small voice" the whisper of a breeze… the breath of God. We seek thunder, a display of power, or a major physical sign to know the presence of God. It is in the gentlest most subtle of ways that the Spirit of God is made known to us. A rushing wind… dancing like fire upon our heads… It is us, because of the receiving the Spirit, that causes reaction… in and through us for others… to bear witness. We are the tool of expression… we are light… we are salt… we are the servant… we are the means of the conveyance of the message of God’s love for His people… all His people! If they see us… or hear us… they will see Him and they’ll know Jesus who will show them the father. But it is not us… it is the Spirit in us!

Jesus is in us… we know it by the Spirit of God…

The excuse of many today is the Spirit led me, the Spirit told me, the Spirit showed me and as a result there is an independent attitude. The result of any leading of the Spirit must lead to loving unified relationships or it is not of God.

If we act in any way or by any gift of the Spirit… even if we give our life for another and do it without love we have acted selfishly… for ourselves and not God. The Spirit led Jesus when He was among us and called men into unity. Fostering the twelve into a close intimate relationship with Jesus… and with each other. And so it is now that the proof of the presence of the Spirit is that loving relationships are always the result. No one can be led of the Spirit to produce works that are without the fruit of committed, submitted, sustaining, and loving relationships. As seen in the example of Jesus in His life with the twelve.

A review of scripture…

Matthew 3:11. ``Whenever you change your hearts, I immerse you in water. But there is one coming later who is more important than I am. I am not worthy to carry his shoes. He will immerse you in the Holy Spirit and in fire! The gift to come…is here… now… in us…are you a spark?… kindling? Or are you a blaze?…

3:16. After Jesus was immersed, he came up from the water immediately. Suddenly, the sky was opened for him. He saw the Spirit of God coming down on him like a dove. As a flash of light… like lighting. Gently… quietly…Powerfully…

4:1. Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the Devil. There is no requirement but to obey…to be led… Just faith… and the willingness to humbly follow…

12:31. This is why I am telling you that people may be forgiven of any sin or any evil thing said against God. But they cannot be forgiven of saying evil things against the Spirit!
32. If someone says something against me, he can be forgiven. However, if someone

says something against the Holy Spirit, he cannot be forgiven-- not in this age nor the next one.'' Why? The Holy Spirit is a gift given… by Jesus. The Spirit is of itself indefensible. The purpose of the Spirit is to reveal Jesus and draw us into relationship. It is impossible/unfathomable to fault the Spirit that is completely subjected to God the Father. And so to find fault with God or Jesus is reasonable but to find fault with the Spirit is purely evil… thus unforgivable. You can in essence disagree with how or why something happened but not that it didn’t happen.

26:41. Watch and pray for strength against temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.'' Pray against the lusts of our flesh… lead us not into temptation…and pray for brothers who are in the same battle.

Luke 11:13. You are evil men, yet you know how to give good gifts to your children. Surely your heavenly Father knows how to give the Holy Spirit to those people who ask Him.''

John 3: 5. Jesus answered, ``I am telling you the truth: If a person is not born from water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God!
6. What has been born from men is human. And what has been born from the Spirit is spiritual.
7. Don't be surprised because I said this to you: `You must be born again.'
8. The wind blows wherever it wishes. You hear the sound of it, but you don't know

where it comes from or where it is going. It is the same way with everyone who has been born from the Spirit.'' Your life must start… from your receiving the Spirit…and like the wind… be led where ever it leads…

  1. God sent Jesus. Jesus speaks the words of God, because God gave him the Spirit,
    without limit.
    35. The Father loves the Son and has put everything in the Son's control.
    36. The person who commits himself to the Son has eternal life, but the person who
    does not obey the Son will not see eternal life. Instead, God's punishment stays on
    that person. obey… Obey… OBEY!…

4:23. But the time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship
the Father in the true, spiritual way. The Father is searching for this kind of people
to worship Him.
God is spirit. The people who worship God must worship Him in the true way and
with the spirit.'' The true way is with the Spirit… led by the Spirit. Romans 12 gives clarity to these words…worship is a life sacrificed to live as Jesus… we are many but by the Spirit one body… each of the other… in the love of Jesus…

6: 63. The Spirit is life-giving; physical things are not worth very much. The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and life,

7: 39. (Here Jesus was talking about the Spirit whom the believers were about to receive. The Spirit had not yet , because Jesus had not yet been to glory.)

14: 17. I will ask my Father and He will give you another Comforter--the Spirit of truth. He will be with you forever. The people of the world cannot accept him, because they don't see him or know him, but you know him because he stays with you--he is in you.
18. I will not abandon you, as though you were orphans. I am coming to you.
19. A little longer and the people of the world will not see me anymore. However, you will see me. You will live, because I live.
20. At that time, you will know that I am in my Father, you are in me, and I am in you.
Faith alone gives entrance to receiving the Spirit… the 12 were living in faithful obedience to Jesus.

The Comforter will teach you everything. He will cause you to remember
everything I have told you. He is the Holy Spirit. The Father will send him with my authority. The Spirit teaches… and He has the Power that was in Jesus. That ability to teach and the power of God as in Jesus… is in us!

15: 26. ``I will send you the Comforter from the Father. He is the Spirit of truth who is coming out from the Father. When he comes, he will tell the truth about me. The Spirit focuses on Jesus and brings Him to light by revelation. He is revealed to us and He is revealed through us to others. The Spirit is from the Father as is Jesus, to bring us to Him.

16: 13. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own. He will say whatever he hears. He will tell you about things to come.
14. He will give me glory. He will take what I am saying and will tell it to you. The
leading of the Spirit

Jesus did not pray for the Spirit… He was led by the Spirit to pray. He obeyed and was baptized… We must start in submission… willful obedience… in faith…
We want to many proofs… signs… to fill the void of our unbelief…
Show me God, cause me to believe… Faith is receiving without seeing…
Let us begin to follow in faith by the love demonstrated and given in Jesus. That the Spirit… may lead us all…
And then…

What you have freely received … freely give…

We simply need to obey…
What have we been called to?
What is the purpose of our creation?
Why has Jesus given us the Spirit?
Are you in relationship with God but without relationship to others?
Can we justify our independent attitude in view of Jesus?

What will you do now?


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